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Moonlit Fragrance - Roll-on Cologne Oil

Moonlit Fragrance - Roll-on Cologne Oil

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Moonlit captures the essence of a captivating night under the moonlit sky. The fragrance unveils a symphony of olfactory notes that transcend time and space, guiding you on an evocative journey through the darkness illuminated by the stars.

Moonlit fragrance opens with top notes of a burst of invigorating reggio bergamot & rose absolute that awakens your senses, reminiscent of the crisp night air. As the moonlight deepens, Moonlit unfolds its heart with an intriguing blend of middle notes like blue sky accord evokes a sense of endless possibilities, while sichuan pepper adds a hint of spice that electrifies the senses. The velvety allure of magnolia dances in the air, casting a spell of sophistication that is impossible to resist. The base notes of Moonlit fragrance linger like whispers of the night with ambergris bringing a warm, embracing depth that captures the essence of moonlit shores. while sensual musk creates an irresistible aura of sensuality and allure.

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