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Belinda Love Lee Paperie

Courage Poster on Handmade Paper

Courage Poster on Handmade Paper

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Courage Brush Lettering Poster

At Belinda Love Lee Paperie, we print each poster on 180gsm white handmade paper in house on our digital printer here in Toronto. Each poster measures to 8.25 by 6 in. We're all about making subtle, meaningful, lasting impressions. This poster can be displayed horizontally, or vertically for a more creative edge!

Designed and printed in Canada.

Because of the nature of handmade paper every print varies slightly in paper color and layout. We love that each card is unique to its own, making them truly one of a kind for your love one that receives it.
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Every knook and cranny is filled with attention and love and we hope you feel that when you shop with us.

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